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          亮出品牌,走向世界——歐科億亮相越南MTA Vietnam 2023

          閱讀人氣: 次 作者: 時間:2023-07-07

          2023年7月4-7日,為期4天的越南胡志明機床及金屬加工展覽會(MTA Vietnam 2023)成功舉辦。當前,越南的制造業正快速發展,對于高效、精密和自動化的生產不斷升級,這進一步增加了對數控刀具的需求。在此背景下,歐科億攜最新最前沿的先進數控刀具技術和解決方案亮相MTA Vietnam 2023。

          On July 4-7, 2023, the 4-day Machine Technology Asia (MTA) Vietnam Exhibition 2023 was successfully held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. At present, Vietnam's manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, and the continuous upgrading of high -efficiency, precision and automated production has further increased the demand for CNC cutting tools. In this background, OKE brings the most advanced CNC cutting tool technology and cutting solution  at MTA Vietnam 2023.


          In this exhibition, OKE has done products display, technical consulting, business negotiation and after sales service support. Product display is mainly to show the latest cutting tools: including solid endmill, high-end quality square shoulder milling tools, small parts processing tools and other latest products; OKE also focuses on showing the cutting tool solution for automobiles, electronics, machinery, aerospace and other fields covered by manufacturing in Southeast Asia.


          In this MTA, so many audiences who continued to visit OKE’ booth and had technical exchanges with OKE’s engineers, and learned in detail the advantages of the product structure and performance of OKE. Also OKE technical team provides professional technical guidance and customized solutions to the local customers who has specific needs and special applications.


          Through this exhibition, the influence of the OKE brand in the Vietnamese market has been expanded. In the future, OKE will meet the continuous improvement of processing needs with high -quality products and services to ensure that Vietnamese users get timely technical support when using OKE cutting tool to help promote the upgrading of Vietnamese manufacturing technology.

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