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          亮出品牌,走向世界——歐科億亮相EMO 2023,展示技術實力和創新能力

          閱讀人氣: 次 作者: 時間:2023-09-27

          2023年9月18-23日,為期6天的德國漢諾威工業博覽會EMO2023成功舉辦。該展覽會是歐洲最具影響力的機床行業盛會之一,吸引了全球各地的機床制造商、供應商和專業人士。在此背景下,歐科億攜最新最前沿的先進數控刀具技術和解決方案亮相EMO 2023。
          From September 18th to 23rd, 2023, the 6-day EMO 2023 Industrial Exhibition in Hannover, Germany, was successfully held. This exhibition is one of the most influential events in the European Metalworking industry, attracting manufacturers, suppliers, and professionals from around the world. Against this backdrop, OKE Precision Cutting Tools Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred as OKE) presented its latest and cutting-edge advanced CNC cutting tool technology and solutions at EMO 2023.

          The OKE booth at the exhibition was divided into four sections: product display, technical consultation, business negotiations, and after-sales support. The product display primarily featured the latest cutting tool products, including integral carbide tools, high-precision square shoulder milling cutters, small parts processing tools, and other new product series. It also emphasized comprehensive processing solutions and application cases for five major processing areas: aerospace, rail transportation, automotive manufacturing, wind power generation, and mold manufacturing. These solutions encompass efficient tool design, tool selection, and processing parameter optimization, all aimed at helping customers improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance product quality.

          During the exhibition, OKE's technical team engaged in in-depth discussions with customers, providing professional advice and technical support to on-site visitors and sharing the latest industry trends and innovative technologies. The booth saw a continuous influx of visitors seeking information on OKE's products and processing advantages. OKE's technical team offered tailored technical guidance and customized solutions based on the specific needs and processing application characteristics of local users.

          歐科億展位號:Hall 5 Stand No.D94
          The EMO Hannover serves as a vital platform for OKE to expand its international market, enhance brand influence, strengthen cooperation with international partners, broaden overseas markets, and boost its competitiveness.
          OKE looks forward to engaging in in-depth discussions and collaborations with professionals from around the world, working together to drive the development and innovation of the machines industry.
          OKE Booth Number: Hall 5 Stand No. D94

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